Kids Movie Day: Trolls

Thursday, April 20Trolls-Poster from 3:15–5:00PM

Even if you don’t remember the crazy – haired toys, you’ll love this movie. Trolls is a colorful troupe of lovable characters who love to sing, dance, and play. Princess Poppy is given her crown on the same day that a mysterious giant arrives. Unfortunately, he’s not wanting to sing or play, he has something different on his mind. Poppy and Branch go on a rescue mission that takes them far away from their home. It’s a journey that will challenge their courage and show their true colors.

Library staff will pick K-3rd grade kids up at school and escort them to the library for movie day. Due to the school dismissal time for 4th and 5th graders, transportation arrangements will need to be made for them to attend movie day. Parents, please remember a note needs to be sent to school giving permission for kids to walk over with library staff AND kids need to be registered at the library by 4:00PM Wednesday, April 19. Space is limited. Please contact the library if you have questions or to register for Movie Day at 740.924.3561 or email